Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mac Lipstick Haul/Review!

Within the past four days, i've recieved 3 MAC lipsticks as gifts (thanks mommy and sean!) ,and I bought one myself. i'm honestly so thrilled to show them to you all. they've got great staying power, beautiful pigmentation, and have a nice formula so people with dry lips - have no fear. Each lipstick costs 14.50 w/o tax, but they are definitely worth the money!

Creme D'Nude

Media, Watch Me Simmer, Creme Cup.

(Same Order as Pictures Above)

Creme D'Nude - This is one of the MAC Best Seller lipsticks. It's a cremesheen, and it goes on creamy, but less pigmented than an Amplified Finish (if you are familiar with MAC's finishes). It's great for everyday wear and is extremely versatile. Either alone or with a lipgloss, it makes a great nude lip.

Media - The story behind this is, my boyfriend who bought this for me (I was with him to try it first), wanted something vibrant, but still dark. Also, he wanted something to look similar to my new red/magenta hair. I surprisingly fell in love with it after wearing it the whole day. After a long wear, it looks similar to a lip stain. It looks scary dark, but it looks great on any skin tones. (I am a NC 15 or NC 20) It's daring, but nothing that could be too overwhelming. Also, I suggest wearing a lipliner with this. I used a Rimmel liner in "Wine"

Watch Me Simmer - I can't explain to you how much I am in love with this. It came out with the Shop/Cook Mac Collection, and came out again into the Reel Sexy Collection. I got the last one at my local MAC counter and I couldn't wait to wear it. Let me just say, this is bright. It's a Pinky Coral Color, and those who are fans of Vegas Volt will love this. It comes off on the lips just like it looks in the tube. This will be my go to spring/summer lipstick.

Creme Cup - I couldn't decide on a last color option, so I asked the MAC artist which is her favorite lipstick. She picked this up and told me everything about it. Like how it's good for everyday wear, and she uses it all the time on people. Compared to Snob, this is a more toned down pink. Snob is extremely pink, and this is a more subtle baby pink.

 I hope you enjoyed this post!

Also, let me know if any of you have these colors, and how you feel about them. or if this post has influenced you to go and get yourself one ;) hehe!


  1. These look beautiful! I haven't purchased any MAC lipsticks, but might have to make the investment on some of these. Found you through beautylish! New follower!

  2. You definitely should! I have really pale skin but super dark lips, and drugstore lipsticks never seemed to give me a good color payoff. These were my life savers, they stay true to the color in the tube and are so pigmented. I wear lipsticks all the time now and I want to continue to expand my collection :)

  3. I should try that nude lipstick, looks perfect and I always have so much trouble on finding great nude colors. I haven`t tried MAC either, I wonder why :O

  4. Exactly! if you do end up going to MAC, ask to see creme d'nude, shy girl, myth and lady gaga viva glam 2. They're all great nudes and maybe you'll find a good one for your skintone :)