Friday, March 30, 2012

Say Goodbye to Dry Winter Lips!

and say hello to luscious spring lips!

My face tends to only dry up in certain places in the winter. Around my nostrils is one area, and my lips is the second. Sadly, I didn't realize how horribly dry they were until i started wanting to wear lipstick and saw how cracked they were! (it was a scary realization btw) So I decided to go on a hunt for lip products, and now i'm going to show you which products saved my lips!
My first and favorite product to share with you guys is Vaseline Lip Therapy. It's honestly so cute,it comes in a mini sized vaseline container (adorbs!). But not only that but it works MIRACLES. I put this on at night and after my shower and it soaks right into the lips.

Olive oil is found in most kitchens, and it is one of the most moisturizing home remedies i've found so far. I've used it in my hair, on my skin, and on my lips and so far I think i'm in love. I only put this on at night because it does look extremely greasy, but you'll notice results in less than a week.

The EOS lip balms, they're nice. Nothing TOO spectacular, but it is good for before putting on lipsticks, and its a temporary moisture/smoothness remedy. It tastes and smells good! and it's cutely packaged. Not my absolute favorite but it's good to have in your purse or by your lipsticks.


  1. I did a review on these and I felt the same exact way! Too much hype..but definitely adorable packaging. :)