Friday, March 8, 2013

The Taste on ABC FINALE.

So in one of my previous posts, I talked about the new show on ABC called The Taste.
Well, I got pretty hooked on it, and i'm going to be sharing my opinions about the
final four.

If my dream team was put together in the last four, it would've been 1) Khristianne, 2) Jeff. 3)Diane and 4) *ugh,sad to say* Gregg.

Now,  I do have 3 out of the 4. I'm SOO SO happy Khristianne made it. But it would've been 20 times better if Jeff made it. I almost cried when he was kicked off.  I honestly don't think Sarah deserved to get saved. She always had poor reviews on her cooking, and she doesn't seem passionate to me. And also, as much as I like Diane - they shouldn't have saved her because Nigella "wouldn't sleep well at night sending her home".Jeff honestly tried his hardest and took major risks - he deserved that spot. I want it to be Khristianne and Gregg in the final two. That would be SO kickass. and clearly, I want Khristianne to win. 

So tune in on Tuesday at 9 to see the first season winner crowned on ABC.

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