Thursday, November 15, 2012

Product Review: Crest 3D White Strips!

    I haven't posted on here in quite a long time, but every now and again i think of a good topic to talk about and i just forget to post something about it. This time it's different. I want to thank Influenster for sending me this product to review, and i'm a little close or halfway through and i'm satisfied with my results so far. What i'm reviewing (if you didn't notice the title) are the Crest 3D white strips.

   I won't lie, I was jumping for joy when I received these in the mail. I've been unhappy with the color of my teeth for quite some time now, but i've never had the money to spend on these babies. They retail at about 40 dollars I believe, and you can get them at your local grocery store, Walmart, drugstore etc.

 Crest claims that after using these for three days, you'll see noticeably whiter teeth. Maybe I just had really bad teeth and I didn't see the difference, but after about 10 days or so I was very impressed with the shade of my teeth. The top teeth look like I never drank coffee and that I got my teeth whitened at the dentist.  My bottom teeth are still eh, but i'll give it a few more days and i'll post an update.

ANYWAY, for people who are interested in this product be warned: if you have sensitive teeth/gums you may experience some pain if you use them every day like you're supposed to. Also, you're not supposed to use these more than once or twice a year if necessary. I've heard from gurus and other reviews that one box kept their teeth white for up to a year and they started to notice yellowing again.

Once i'm finished with this box i'm going to go out and buy the whole line of 3D white products. It includes a toothbrush, toothpaste,and mouthwash. So because of that, you should realize how much I really enjoyed this line. If you have the chance, go get yourself a box. It's completely worth the money,and you'll have a beautifully white smile afterwards. Nothing better than that.

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