Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tutorial : How I Do My Brows!

I've been asked about my eyebrows on multiple occasions, so I thought i'd make a small picture tutorial showing how i do my brows on a daily basis! (I apologize for the bad quality of the photos)

Step One: I use Maybelline Define-a-Brow in Medium brown to outline all of the bottom of my eyebrow. For the top brow, avoid lining the whole thing, put your pinky nail on the start of your eyebrow and then start lining. the next step explains why.

Step Two: I take the lightest color in my NYX eyebrow cake powder and fill in the front portion of my eyebrows. So basically that portion you didn't line, you take the powder and move the brush in an upward motion in that small section. (the upward motion looks more naturally to me when it's finished)

Step Three: After that, I take MAC eyeshadow in Handwritten and fill in my eyebrows to darken them up more. You can skip this step or use a different shadow to cordinate with your hair color. 

Step Four (optional): To just define your brows, take a concealer and line the bottom of the brows and blend it out. It cleans them up and brightens that area nicely.

Before & After!


  1. Love this, thanks for the tut. x

  2. I love this! They look sooo good girl:) I fill mine in sometimes, more so lately..., but you can tell I do it. :/ My eyebrows are so much darker then my hair when I do it. lol hate it!

  3. I wish that the pictures were better! i need to invest in a nice camera or something /: but thanks babe! and maybelline has a really light brown/blonde in pencil i use, you should check it out!